SKF Authenticity Verification Application - SKF Authenticate


SKF provides its customers with all the help they can to avoid counterfeits spreading on the market. The easiest and most reliable way to do this is to use the SKF authenticity check application.

After starting the application, you can select the simplest identification method, authentication based on the QR code, from the bottom menu bar. This can be accessed with the middle button in the lower menu bar. (code scan) To start the code scan, we need to allow the app to access our phone's camera. It is important to note that the application only uses the phone's camera to scan the code, it does not collect any other data. To start the inspection, place the bearing and its box on a table and look for the QR code on the box. Please note that 2 different types of codes have been placed on the bearing box: the classic bar code and the QR code. Let's listen to read the latter. After recognizing the code, the application indicates the result of the test in seconds, in this case (in the video) the validity of the code, since the validity of the code proves the originality of the product. The video shows what happens in the case of a counterfeit product. As a result of the scan, we receive an error message with a red background, according to which the product cannot be identified as an original SKF product. A counterfeit product can be reported to SKF headquarters. To do this, take photos of all sides of the bearing box, the codes marked on the box, the bearing and the name of the country of manufacture marked on the bearing. If possible, take a photo of the product purchase invoice. When taking photos, pay attention to the focus and the right lighting conditions. The photos taken are selected in the SKF phone application and attached to the reporting form. We provide our data and contact information for the notification. SKF specialists analyze the sent photos and send a notification about the results of the more thorough examination. The SKF authenticity check application is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you need help using the SKF application, feel free to contact the SKF Partner+ telephone customer service or send the product to be tested to one of the SKF Partner+ points, where colleagues will carry out the inspection within 24 hours free of charge.

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