SKF Food Line


Have you heard of SKF's special bearings for the food industry?

For a long time, the food industry has been looking for a solution because bearings are sensitive to special environmental effects. SKF created FoodLine bearings for the food industry! SKF understands that every process in a processing plant is equally important, food safety standards must be met at every stage of production. Therefore, special attention is required to use the right seals and lubricants. SKF FoodLine offers unique bearings for all of these. The sealing technology used minimizes the risk of lubricant leakage from the bearing, and the resulting damage is immediately visible thanks to the blue coating. SKF bearings are characterized by increased performance and a high level of reliability, thanks to it the risk of sensitive food industry failures is reduced. FoodLine bearings combine the experience already gained in ball bearings with the specific needs of the segment, thats why SKF can become the market leader in the food industry.

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