What is the SKF Explorer?


SKF Explorer! The revolutionary new technology. 

Roller bearings are designed to withstand both radial and axial loads during operation while being able to compensate for misalignment. Since the invention of ball bearings, SKF has been continuously developing new technologies. These include the symmetrical barrel roller, hardened guide ring and reinforced closed seals. Based on our own patent, the SKF Explorer complex technology was born from all this, in order to increase the performance and service life of the bearings. The new, patented heat treatment of the bearing rings results in greater wear resistance, which means that the bearings last longer even in polluted environments and under poor lubrication conditions. SKF roller bearings have a floating guide on the inner ring and rollers to minimize friction. Our sealed bearings are resistant to dirt, reduce the use of lubricants and significantly increase the operating time. In this way, SKF bearings can guarantee a unique performance and outstanding efficiency on the market. Self-aligning bearings from SKF adapt to radial and axial forces and absorb unwanted movement during use. Since CARB toloid roller bearings are available only at our company, the efficiency of which is far ahead of competitors' products, and therefore SKF bearings have proven to be the longest-lasting parts in all types of applications. SKF continues to produce high-quality bearings for all application segments that easily adapt to changing environments, such as vibration applications, road rollers. What can be durable in the case of vibration road rollers can be safely used in all other applications.

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SKF! is the best bearing.

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