SKF FoodLine Food industry seal - Individual seal production


SKF FoodLine food industry bearings and seals are designed in such a way that food industry hygiene regulations and requirements can be met to the maximum, while being able to withstand the damaging effects of water and liquid chemicals required for cleaning food industry machinery.

The unique SKF food grade seals keep the internal lubricant and the external liquid materials away from each other with a two-layer seal. The outer edge of the seal is flexible, so the bearing closes to the ring under high-pressure washing, thereby preventing water or other liquids from entering. SKF has also found a solution for draining the liquid that comes with less pressure or condensation. Thanks to the design of the multi-level Y-type, the drops that enter the seal get stuck in the grooves and exit through the controlled path without coming into contact with the internal elements of the bearing. Thanks to FoodLine technology, SKF food industry bearings:

- they are hygienic,

- corrosion resistant,

- they are durable.

With the help of SKF, it is also possible to manufacture individual seals. Our mechanical sealing solutions are individually designed and can be produced in an extremely short turnaround time, even within 2 days. Our seals are characterized by robust resistance to high humidity or chemicals, excellent wear resistance, reduced downtime, and increased service life.

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